Privilege versus Stereotypes.

I would like to thank all of you for your comments on my previous post  "Male Privilege"
First of all I know the whole subject is very current and active in our community but I was still sort of surprised (and then not) of the reactions to mine.
Many of you know sometimes I go past cynicism right to sarcasm.  For a fact, you have to be a better writer than I to play in that sandbox effectively. So perhaps I didn't communicate my sarcasm effectively enough in this post.
Some of you want to take a few of my comments way too seriously. By the way, my second year in the eighth grade taught me what sociology is and my second degree in college taught me what it isn't.
What it isn't and what this blog isn't about is some sort of intellectual look at a trans existence.
Basically (as in the case with many of you) this blog is just an exercise in my reality. Cyrsti's Condo is a diary. Maybe it's a manifestation of the diary my male privilege discouraged?
I do my best to deal in two realities. I try my best to leave the endless intellectual bantering to others. More power to them- in 10,000 words or more. Go ahead and invent a new way to beat the same dead horse.
The other is to stay away from the meanest most virulent anti transsexual or transgender people I have ever encountered. "Rad Fem Trans Nazi's". I can't wait for the John Waters film!
Enough of that,  here is my simple minded  bottom line privilege theory:
Each person's privileges are as different as humans are.. There it is.
Look, I know it's an intensely complex and personal subject for all of us so I do like to read other concise ideas on the subject such as  "Sherri Lynn's" link.
Then there are the off setting female privileges. Read some of Angel's posts to have an idea.
For the rest of you-lighten up for God's sake!


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