TS Words to Live By.

Actually I should have used "Tina Phillips" initials in the title instead of the well known transsexual abbreviation.
More importantly, her Facebook post I'm featuring here I believe applies to the great majority of the people stopping by Cyrsti's Condo. If you identify as a crossdresser (transvestite), transsexual, transgender or gender queer female, read the 12 steps to womanhood.


Step 02. NEVER, EVER let anyone tell you, you will not make a decent woman.

Step 03. NEVER, EVER be someone you're not.

Step 04. NEVER, EVER let others judge you, cause you can't be judged unless you let them.

Step 05. NEVER, EVER let words make you. Instead you make the words.

Step 06. NEVER, EVER be ashamed of who you are.

Step 07. NEVER, EVER let public opinion sway you into thinking what you are doing is wrong.

Step 08. NEVER, EVER think you have failed. You can only fail if you stop trying.

Step 09. NEVER, EVER give into your fears. They will kill your dreams and keep you from your happiness.

Step 10. NEVER, EVER rush into a life changing situation, unless you are sure that is what you want to do.

Step 11. NEVER, EVER be a man because people expect that of you. Always be the woman you are and always have been.

Step 12. NEVER, EVER be embarrassed by emotions - They are a woman's soul and a woman's strength.


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