Wednesday, May 2, 2018

A New Boob?

We received several comments concerning recent posts I have decided to pass along here in Cyrsti's Condo. One of which center around vocal feminisation for transgender women:

  1. "Hi Crysti

    At the moment I’m listening to and doing while driving the Melanie Anne Philipps voice feminisation course as mentioned by Stana. She’s at I feel that I am making a lot a progress. She covers the points covered in your last but one para.

    Best wishes

    Yes! I have heard the demo and the difference is startling (as was the person I saw in person)! Thanks for sharing.
  2. " The VA in some situations will provide one wig and one set of breast forms a year." This made me chuckle. Do they pass them out the same way you got your government issued uniform and other necessities when you went to basic training? I wonder just what kind of wig and breast forms they'd supply. :-)

    Seeing yourself as you practice your voice is important. You need to combine the non-verbal communication with the vocal. I made videos of myself so I could analyze it later, because I learned a long time ago that what I might have thought I was seeing in the mirror was not necessarily what was really there!"
  3. As I understand it, the VA will pass out the breast forms through their "Prosthetic" Department. The VA also has a very active "Women's Health" department, so I'm sure the program originated there. More than likely, the same thing happens with wigs. I will ask "my people!" 
  4. And thanks for sharing the video/mirror idea!


  1. Well, if they issue a pair of silicone forms and a wig to you, you can send them to me - since you don't need them. :-)

    Would the VA also consider breast enhancement surgery and hair (beard) removal? How fast would you get in line for those?

  2. It may be difficult getting the referral from my therapist since she knows I don't need them too :)!

    So far, the VA does not cover breast surgery or beard removal...yet! They are rewriting all their regulations now, so hopefully we won't lose anything and maybe gain something! It's doubtful under the current fool in office!


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