"Mo Mail!"

Regular contributors Pat and Paula both took the time to comment on the  Cyrsti's Condo Big or Small T.

From Paula:  "Transgender people come from all areas of society, all professions, all strata all ability, and all character. We pretty much reflect all of the society which spawned us. It is therefore inevitable that we will also reflect a wide range of political views, tolerance levels and attitudes. Just because we share this one thing there is no reason to expect that we will share others. The difference comes when we are rejected and hurt by those who we look to for help and support"

From Pat:  "One of the first things that all of us should know is that "One Size Fits All" cannot describe the entire "T" community any better than "One Size Fits All" pantyhose can work for all size bodies. I agree that All men are created equal but that in that general equality we also must respect that every person is different from every other person and that we are all entitled to respect.

 We all have our own individual issues to address. Some of us are old, others young...some large sized, others petite...some have the need to surgically transition, others are comfortable with the occasional cross gender expressions. There are no clear right and wrong people...only people marching to their own different drummer. We are all entitled to respect, freedom and liberty."

Of course of you are spot on. Without going too deep into beating a dead horse around here again, I think there a couple possible sources which these problems stem from.

1.- "Male ego hangover" ...SRS and the resultant pain and expense entitles a person to an exalted spot in a community.  Not unlike a successful job may get a guy a better membership at a country club.

2.- Frustration...very simply not being "fulfilled" by the operation and thinking it may have been a mistake.

3.- Society is changing...slowly but surely the public is learning you don't have to have SRS to live as a woman. Too late for too many older TS women who may think they could have done as much  with less pain and expense.

4.- Appearance...For some unfortunately, all the surgery in the world won't make them into the beautiful woman of their dreams. Same old story, very difficult to buy respect in the world as woman. I can't think of how excruciating it would be to go through all of that to still get harassed by the world.

Please know these are sweeping stereotypes and just opinions and I am far from an expert. I only wish each person to find what satisfaction and happiness they can on whatever level possible.  Referring back to the Carmen Carerra video as she talked about how happy she was, I think it's natural to think her happiness is tied in to her beauty, not her life.

Bottom line is as the girls above said, respect, freedom and liberty should be the standards of a multi layered transgender community.


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