Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Transgender Interests

Read a post of sorts on one of the sites I'm on when a person asked about "sneaking" some of his wife's excess estrogen pills she had been prescribed and never taken.

The person was wondering on possible results from unsupervised HRT such as the obvious bodily changes. Of course, I'm not a proponent of black market HRT meds,  plus changes are difficult to predict but of course several peeps threw their opinions in. No one mentioned results can vary wildly from conditions such as age, dosage etc..or the danger. . But then a certain one went on to say Estrogen changes your interests, which of course I took exception to.  I have written here in Cyrsti's Condo of how I made very definite decisions on what I could pack up from my male life and bring along to my feminine one.

Andy before

Kristy today.
Let's see, I had to pack up a huge suitcase for the trip and packed sports, music, antiquing from my male past just to name a few. To be certain, the hormonal effects have changed how I react to my interests but have not removed them from my psyche.

So HRT has not changed my interests and I am always mildly surprised when others think it should. My interests don't make me any less of a transgender woman, they make me...me.

Of course I wasn't surprised when I read this morning a story on the subject  (with a twist of course)  from where else? The UK's Daily Mail headline

"Football mad father who once attempted a DIY sex change now living happily as a woman. The difference is she is now mad over a certain player more than the game."

Now, I understand the "Mail"s quest for a great headline and story and agree because I too have acquired a few sports figures who I would gladly birth their kids. Imagine how that would have gone over in the old cigar smoking, holding your beer cup in your teeth while you pee days?

At any rate it's getting routine to rely on the good old not so trust worthy "Mail" to stir up activity here in Cyrsti's Condo and then throw in the guaranteed  to shock  "Do it Yourself" castration. It worked for me! I cringed and remembered my pain and suffering when I got my ears pierced!

Those responsible said "don't worry, it won't hurt!" They were right. It didn't hurt them!

If you are like I am and sneak a peek at the National Enquirer while I'm standing in line at the grocery store, you can follow the link above for more.

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