I See You...Kind Of.

In the Cyrsti's Condo "We Gotz Mail" department Laine commented on our "You Are Glowing" post:

"That (aura idea) makes lots of sense. I know lots of people who picked up on who I am. One of them is a close friend who in some ways is really out there, although he tries to be a grounded, feet on the ground kind of guy. When I came out as trans, he confessed to me that he had always seen me as a woman, and was always confused as to why other people were referring to me with male pronouns and treating me like a man! In fact, when I thought back over our interactions, I realized that he had always treated me much more like a woman than a man.

 Other sensitive people have picked it up and noticed. I have some female friends who have always treated me as one of the girls. Even though I can pretend, it's really only the people that don't connect on that energy/spirit/heart level that really miss it. I don't get colors, but I do get feelings, and I've been able to tell with other people before. It's an amazing thing, and you're right, noticing it and paying attention to it helps to increase your sensitivity to it."

Thanks Laine!  If you start looking closer into this whole "aura" idea, many gender questions we have about ourselves make more sense.  It's like the young boy or girl whose parents are hoping "will outgrow" their transgender aura.  As we all know, that just isn't the case. To this day, I have one of the few male friends I have ever met who claims on occasion he was able to purge all his female belongings and not look back-but can't quite figure out why his bff's at work are two women who join him for lunch everyday.  I tell him he is one of the girls but he just says, "I'm known as the biggest bastard at work."

Like you and your friend Laine, those two women have connected to who my friend really is deep down inside and why wouldn't women be the most likely to connect?

During the mating/marriage courtship, it's primarily the women who have to sort out the relationships to see if they can find a mate and a match to live with. Plus in the everyday world a woman just has to develop an extra sense to insure her security.

I'm sure Laine, most of the more accomplished transgender readers here in the Condo would agree when you "tap" into your interior girl, aura is a more natural part of transitioning than we think. The fact remains, developing extra senses which could be lumped under the "women's intuition" definition is a very real deal.


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