Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Summer number two on HRT is now officially over.

Two quick observations stemming from one certainty- this summer was much easier than the first. Why? Because the summer itself was cooler and I have adjusted to the fact my internal thermostat has been broken. Yes, it is now me who is thinking about reaching for a sweatshirt when the temperature drops into the low 50's...really?

Ironically after my very stressful weekend, my hormonal effects seemed to step up their game and I have no idea why.

Finally, tomorrow is a long put off visit to my salon.  My poor stylist would have had her work cut out with this "mop" of hair I have but she took the easy way out and went on maternity leave. In her place though I will have a guy working on my hair as a transgender woman for the first time. Never a dull moment!

So that's it. At least for the second. Life changes quickly in my world and my "Horror Scope" is calling for more of course.

As for now, I'm just along for the ride!!!

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