Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oh Pedestal, How High art Thou?

I know what you are thinking, not another cheap drug reference about being high here in Cyrsti's Condo.  Hey, what can I say I grew up in the 60's...I think.

What I am referring to is the pedestal I so easily want to hoist myself up on.  Fortunately, Momma Karma hangs around to slap me off my little ego stand.

Let's take yesterday for instance. You all know of my latest appointment at the hair salon.  For me the experiece is always a mixed bag. On one end is the euphoria of having someone who knows what they are doing lavish attention on my hair. On the other hand is the stares I get from clientele and crew although I must say most went out of their way to be nice yesterday. The only thing that should matter is that I was there. A couple of years ago, I would have thought such an experience would have been an unreachable dream.

At any rate, as I was feeling all warm and pretty on the way home, of course I had a flat tire.  Momma Karma's little way of saying back to reality Cyrsti.  Not to worry, I had my handy dandy auto club card in my purse.  Of course at that point the worries did start.

Over the years, I have had mixed experiences with tow drivers and the company.  I don't have a very presentable feminine voice and it's a bit difficult to explain exactly who is with the car. I solved part of the problem with getting a dual membership in both of my names last year for a very minimum cost.  The other part of the problem was indirectly but effectively solved by the woman from the auto club.

From the phone conversation she assumed I was calling for Cyrsti who was with the car. Not a problem, the driver would meet her there. In a surprisingly short period of time he did meet me there and cheerfully explained he would have me back on the road in minutes - as he did. No fuss, I stood idly by as he worked his magic and resumed the trip home. No extra glances, no knowing smiles, just relief the tire was only flat on one side.

Of course the view from my pedestal covers more than just a trip to get my hair done. As "Momma" tells me "what if tomorrow never comes? Remember Cyrsti princess, if you are up on that damn pedestal thinking you are ahead of this transgender life game, you are blindfolded up there."

She is right of course and since I am afraid of heights, I climbed slowly down.

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