Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cyrsti's Condo Fashion Tips!

From Fabulous After 40:

5 Classy, Casual Ways To Rock Your Jeans This Weekend!

"Looking for some new ideas for how to look casual but polished on the weekend? Here’s a style recipe that takes a pair of basic jeans to a totally new level. All you need to do is start with a pair of dark wash, bootleg jeans. Dark wash look classiest over 40 and are super slimming, compared to faded or lighter blue jeans. A bootleg cut flatters all body types because the slight flare balances out your hips. If you don’t own a pair of dark wash bootcut jeans, they are a worthwhile investment that never go out of style."

Dark Bootcut Jeans

Wallis jeans

"Next, open up you closet and take a look inside. Do you have some tops, a blouse, a camisole and perhaps a jacket or two? They don’t have to be fancy. Basic will do. Maybe they look rather plain and boring hanging there, or you think they are too conservative to go with jeans. Don’t over think it. Get them out so you can start to play."

I think the key for we transgender and cross dressing women is over thinking the process but there are so many reasons we do it!

Follow the link above for more "real girl" fashion ideas!

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