Saturday, September 28, 2013

Checking the Fluids

"Gender Fluid" is yet another one of those pesky labels. Just don't need another label but it sort of makes a lot of sense.

It seems these days, more and more of us who occupy the gender "middle ground" are expressing it.  Take me for example. I'm a gender fluid "picker" which means I sell collectibles on various sites like Ebay and I use my male and/or my female name on occasions.  My "fluidity" though depends on the item. Yesterday, I sold an old 1930's popcorn machine and had to lend a helping hand as my guy self to muscle it out of here. All the time being careful of any contact with my breast area which was very tender.

I'm always intrigued by the posts I read here and there by transgender peeps who say they can't wait to start HRT to "Feel like a woman". I guess I did too when I got slapped by Momma Karma with a hot flash which made me feel as if I was self combusting, my first big irrational cry I couldn't stop, or the physical changes I was experiencing.

Of course before I started to set back and enjoy the changes, I tried to over think the process.  If I increased my dosages or ran off to a surgeon, would I feel "more like a woman?" In my case, no.  I'm pretty much set in the idea that after 60+ years around here, my inner gender is set and it does bounce on occasion. What I choose to show to the rest of the world varies too. The most rewarding part to all of this is knowing I can socialize as a woman after all. For better or worse, the world treats me different of course.  Women do give up a lot to so called male privilege but gain back in a sort of a sub culture which is foreign to most men.

So, do I feel like a woman? Can't tell you or claim to know. I can only vouch for me.  The only thing is know is, this gender fluid idea is not so bad.

For other examples go
here to check out the stories of individuals like Toni (left) who is changing the world.

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