Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why? Because It Is What It Is.

As I interact this morning with my canine companion of over 12 years, I'm fairly sure I give her more credit for knowing what happens around here and the reason it does.  Of course she knows certain activities are going to happen like food, water, potty breaks and rides in the car. But as I understand it dogs don't have the reasoning power to understand why it does or doesn't. When.she doesn't get her ride in the car or her puppy treats, she doesn't reason why.

As so many of us have struggled over the years to understand the reasons behind our gender paths (cross dresser, transgender or transsexual) I began to think, are we like dogs? We really don't know why we are on this path, we just are.

As humans though, most of us do have the power to reason our way through the unreasonable. Speaking for myself, I wish I had all the time, energy and money I wasted attempting to figure out a reason returned. I went the self medicating alcohol route and the therapy route too Over the span of four decades I had four. One,  a waste, one incredible and two middle of the road. The middle of the road therapists faced the impossible task of encouraging me to look for what I didn't want to find anyhow. They did their job.

I have always disliked the phrase "it is what is is" but certainly in my life being transgender was what it was and I can only look forward to the future. Not cry about the spilled milk of the past. In fact I just spilled some of my cats milk on the kitchen floor and the dog is eagerly taking care of the mess.  She doesn't care why it's there. It just is and it's good!

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