Thursday, August 1, 2013

Super Human Powers?

Come on now, have you thought an "itty bitty bit" about what sort of "superhuman" powers you may want? How about a figure to match a "Wonder Woman" costume at Halloween, or how about a "SheZow" super ring which turns you into a female super hero everytime you say "you go girl"?

That's all right, it's your secret and we won't tell!

Now it seems the folks at theFrisky have taken this idea a step further and tied your superpower possibilities in with your Astrological sign. We Libra's did well!  :

"Libra–Shape Shifting. Your ability to change shape allows you to adapt to any situation, environment, or group of people. This power allows you to experience life in many different forms."

I like it!!! If I have your curiosity and want to know your superpower, go here.

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