Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Not with my Man, in my Restroom or with my Child

Recently here in Cyrsti's Condo we have been discussing genetic women we know in the work place as well as spouses and girlfriends.  Much of it has revolved around their reaction- or lack of it to us.  Here is one reaction from Mandy:

"There's a lady on staff at the nursing home where Mother lives, and we've been talking. But instead of clothes (since I'm usually in Capri pants and sandals, with a sleeveless top), it's makeup. She's helped me a bit with how to apply, is happy that I wear it, and is always ready to talk (when nobody else is around.) She undoubtedly fits this category! Maybe I should ask her for some fashion ideas????? Mandy"

You go girl! Absolutely ask away! Undoubtedly you two share a feminine bond already! Thanks for the comment.

I have always thought it interesting how deep or how shallow an interaction such as Mandy goes if you apply it to a bigger scale.

My opinion is (you all know I have loads of them), transgender, transsexual or cross dressers are basic diversions for most women.  As I have said we cross over into their reality and they are intrigued. Having said that, for the greatest majority of women the line is drawn there.
We Got Mail!

It is a different story if a husband or boyfriend comes home with the news he is transgender, or her child does or God forbid if she runs into you in "her" bathroom. Certainly I understand all of that.  In so many cases it's a life changing experience as intensely challenging for her as it is for us.

Problems arise when we misread "public acceptance" as "personal acceptance" from other women.   I heard a pastor speak on a comparative issue in his church. Most of the congregation on Sunday is outwardly smiling and accepting but on Monday is trying to find a stake to burn us on.

Public acceptance though is a powerful learning tool for transgender folk.  When we do (such as in Mandy's case)  get close enough to the public to let them know we are only people like they are, doors do start to open. Even though ten percent of the public is rumored to have met one of us, I think in the future the probability will be much higher they will.

When and if it happens with the woman you know Mandy, you will get a gold star.  The first thought she may have is "Hey, I have met a trans person before and they are pretty cool!" 

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