Friday, August 16, 2013

It Does Get Better

You probably have heard of the It Does Get Better public relations effort which began some time ago to reach out to TGLB youth. Nothing is more tragic to me than the stories of trans kids who are subjected to extreme bullies and ignorant families. Ultimately suicide is the only answer for some.  So sad! Despite the age difference, most of their problems are similar to ours.

The fact remains though, what does and doesn't the campaign mean to the "more mature" transgender age groups? Actually everything and then again not so much. Bottom line in any self help campaign is : "what does it do for me?"

In essence we are still our parents trans kid peeking out from the closet to see what's going on. The problem is, the closet over the years has become very full of the baggage we have accumulated. We have painted our self into a corner of the closet with few alternatives. Such as these simplified examples:

Number One is going down with the ship. You have hidden your gender issues for so long, what's the problem with a few more?

Number Two are the final solutions. You can't stand the pressure anymore and you check out with suicide or you go ahead come out before you harm yourself.

Number Three is cautiously checking the waters. and slowly come out into the world.

No matter of age, the only way anything gets better is effort. Check the link above for effort on the highest level!

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