Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Trans Safety

Every so often here in Cyrsti's Condo, I get up on my soapbox and preach to the choir about our security as transgender women, or cross dressers or genetic women for that matter.
I'm passing along a video from Egypt which focuses on the huge problem there and I can't image how dangerous life would be there for a transgender woman.

Truth of the matter is, it's dangerous everywhere. Every time I write this post I receive wonderful feedback from women who have been navigating society much longer than I. If you are starting your journey into the world though, it's a whole new experience.

I've heard from trans girls who were bullied and beaten up when they were dressed as a guy too. Been there and came close before I developed a fake macho image.  Of course not to discriminate I have had a couple of real close calls on the girl side too.

Genetic women learn the process early. Simply try to use common sense and not be in places you shouldn't be. What they don't say is you need to develop better senses of who is in the space you are at the same time.

The worst misjudgments come from transgender women and cross dressers who think most type of male attention is great validation of their femininity.  The tragedy is when they get hurt instead of validated. I'm not a "male basher" in the strictest sense but it is no secret how fragile the male ego is and how easily many guys can reach out to violence to save it.

Finally before we take a look at the video, just be careful out there in the world.  The more you become comfortable in your female role, the more you will understand the nuances of safety.  Surely we can't insure nothing will happen but we can cut back on the chances.

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