Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The "Trans Rock" Returns!

All right kids, this trans girl has been known to try one or two crazy things, but a friend of mine has me topped.

She too is a transgender woman by the name of "R". I have decided to invoke my Cyrsti's Condo non disclosure clause and shorten her two syllable  name to the "Rock".

It seems 'the Rock" has signed up for a mini hot dog eating contest at the pub where the two of us plus a trans guy make up the Three Transgender Amigo's or Amiga's in two of our cases. The contest is not how many of the health food delights you can eat. It's how fast you can eat them and yes the competition comes complete with a release form that if you choke to death-it's your fault.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm for transgender competition at all levels. I will be slowly enjoying an adult beverage during our 6000 degree heatwave while she does this. If she doesn't back out and let the entire transgender world down.

I just hope she wins, doesn't choke and upchucks on the floor! How disgustingly unfeminine! In which case I will do the natural thing and say "I don't know her!"...give me another beer.

Hopefully though I hope I will be able to see the slow motion replay on ESPN's Sports Center! But I doubt it.

Another possibility when she wins, I can get her to sign me up as her manager. I could set up a tour and start marketing the "Trans Rock Rules" T-Shirts everywhere!

Look at Rude Paul...that clown got away with it.

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