Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Angel at the VA

For those of you who are following my continuing saga/soap opera with my HRT and the Veteran's Administration, my "angel" came through again.
After only two phone calls to my patient advocate (angel) , she discovered the bureaucrats at my local VA Clinic had decided two paid visits to my endocrinologist were enough and turned down the third and any future ones.

She got that reversed and payment has now been approved for the one this past spring and the one coming up in September.  For some reason the powers to be have decided my transgender "condition" is temporary I guess so a few "Endo Doc" visits are all I need.

Maybe if I keep "poking the bear" I will irritate him enough to get me some in house treatment. Hopefully before he claws me.

FYI, if you are a transgender veteran and need any advice what so ever about my learning experience- please email me through the blog!

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