Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's Nailed Down in Cyrsti's Condo

This morning as I was removing my best attempt ever at applying my own nail color. several thoughts came to mind.
First of all I am finally past the bitterness of the manual labor I did last week which precluded pretty, pretty nails and back on the path of learning the nuances of femininity.  As far as the nail polish issue goes, I could never quite conquer the smooth look and the need to be ambidextrous. I am right handed and applying polish to my left hand was always twice as easy as my left.
I also this morning learned of a "root touch up" product which will extend the life of my hair coloring.  We will see how easy it is to cover up gray!

Once again I'm amazed at the number of nuances there are to this transgender lifestyle. With all possible apologies to those of you who embrace the "sissy" lifestyle. changing your gender isn't for sissies.

Do I miss the days of the five minute shower, quick shave and out the door?  On occasion I do because I'm such a mentally disorganized person.  I'm pretty sure my GF gets a gold star for putting up with me as I packed for my first week long vacations as a girl! But hey, it's getting better and I sure as heck don't want to go back. It would kill me as I found out first hand last week.

My much maligned project which has depleted the ibuprofen supply here in town also netted me five "visits" from my past.  These acquaintances from my life as are all good guys but don't get me wrong, I have no desire to connect the dots with them as a guy again. Of course they sensed something was different with the long copper highlighted pony tail coming out of the back of my ball hat and smoother HRT transitioned skin. Then again, they are guys and sometimes just don't notice as much.

It's a huge long boring story of why I had to do the project at all. I will leave it at there was no choice.  If  I want to get out of where I live and sever all ties with my physical past, certain projects have to be done.

Very simply though, the week was a very graphic example to me that I am on the right path.  Now where is the new shade of nail polish?

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