Sunday, July 21, 2013

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Lauren Foster
Seems like today has been dominated by news from transgender - transsexual women in the entertainment field.
Cyrsti Hart,- Gossip Reporter
This post from the fabled "New York Post" (kidding kids) reports a ton of drama in married transsexual model's Lauren Foster's life:

"Art imitated life for transgender model and “Real Housewives of Miami” guest star Lauren Foster. The blonde — married to architecture-firm owner James Foster, though the duo have lived apart for a decade — had a steamy affair with her on-screen co-star Corey Cann in an art film directed by photographer Joesph Lally, “Lauren Foster Star.”

 Actor and fitness model Cann plays Lauren’s troubled on-screen lover. Sparks flew both on and off screen and, in May, Cann moved into Lauren’s Miami home. “Our relationship was tantric,” Lauren told us. But the passion has since fizzled — Lauren told us the two are now just friends. Meanwhile, estranged husband James is reuniting with Lauren in Miami."

I just love drama...if it isn't mine!

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