Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cross Dressing and the He Pronoun

I found this post to be interesting on so many levels. It's from Now and Michael Gilbert/Miqqi Alicia Gilbert York University professor of philosophy, activist, director of Provincetown’s Fantasia Fair. Heterosexual male, cross-dresser. He uses the he's more:

"I (Miqqi) cross-dress when I start to feel the longing, but I have to say at my age the mood happens less often. Sometimes I’ve made a commitment to go to a class at York or somewhere else en femme and I think, “Shit, I have to go to all that trouble.” Trust me, I’m a guy who knows it’s a lot harder to look like a girl than a guy. The truth is, I’m an old hippie, and if I were a woman I would not be wearing much makeup. Heels? I haven’t worn them in 20 years. I do like skirts. I’m thinking of doing a workshop called Not Trans Enough. So many trans people look upon me as a dilettante. Worse yet, cross-dressers are considered annoying little sisters: “They wear too much makeup, they don’t know how to dress properly, they get in the way.”

My visualization of the workshop "Not Trans Enough" would be a big room of peeps from all through our culture who are brave enough to step out from behind their computers, photo shopped pictures and into the light of day and then before a moderator with a timer and a bull horn. How much fun would that be?

Fun yes, but productive?  Probably not so much unfortunately.  Too much ego floating around in a room full of males desperately trying to act as if they got rid of it.

Ironically, as HRT takes it's good old sweet time on me, I'm not the "guy who knows it's a lot harder to look like a girl" so much anymore.  The challenge is to stay with the challenge of building a day to day wardrobe I feel comfortable in.  I'm the same as Miqqi in that it's been years since I worn heels and I rarely wear a dress or skirt but that does not mean I never do not do my best to work my style.

I guess that's my primary reason I don't care how you identify. Cross dresser, transgender, transsexual or Martian- if you are doing your thing and respecting others-who cares?

I will say the pronoun deal is a little tricky with the public in that in many cases they are confused anyhow.

As always there is so much more to a topic such as this and for more on Miqqi, go here.

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