Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I loved all of your replies to my Dad's Day picture I swiped from Stana!

Truly it's nice his daughter does approve of "Dad". I am one who is fortunate to be in that category....BUT I guarantee you there isn't enough surgery to help me to look that good!

I do however keep thinking of all kinds of more possible comments from daughter and I will pass them along just as well as Dad passes..I hope!

Kind of like:

"Hey Dad, have you seen my Mani/Pedi gift certificate?"
"Now I know why my razor is so dull when I go to shave my legs"
"Christmas, will be easy this year"
"God I hope VH-1 or my friends don't see this!"
"Is that why he has picked Thailand for a vacation?"
"Was he kidding about what SRS really meant?"
"So that's why Dad only wanted the clothes in the divorce?"
"Now I see why he practiced a year with the boys for the womanless pageant."
"A great suggestion for Father/daughter day at the Spa!"
"So that's why there was never is any money in my college fund?"
"I refuse to call him Tiffany,  then again he looks like her. Well never Buffy."

And finally:

"Dammit! How did this make it all the way to Cyrsti's Condo so even she could make fun of me?"

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