Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cross Dressing "Goals"

As you have probably figured out, I follow many different sources making an attempt  at bringing an interesting Cyrsti's Condo blog to you.

One person in particular I have followed off and on for years has been posting videos recently of her "out and about" public adventures.  She is a very attractive girl and caught my curiosity when she started to change her identification markers from simply "MtF" to cross dresser to a mixture of both.

After her latest video,  a "viewer"  asked a question I see frequently aimed at attractive cross dressers.  How she can appear so "accomplished" and then go back to "his" regular life.

Good question and a good answer too!

One theory at why a cross dresser may have an easier time adjusting back to his everyday male life is his "hobby" is just that. He just happens to be very good at it. The process is similar to a drag queen's transformation into incredible looking women.  Most do not want to be female at all.

Another theory comes from an engineering friend who believes an attractive cross dresser is the ultimate male ego trip. Working on, designing and assembling your own female doll- who happens to be you. He thinks an inordinate amount of CD's are engineers.

Enough of all of that,  here was her answer:

(Paraphrasing) , she said "I accomplished the goal of spending the weekend presenting as a woman- Shopping, entertainment and all. I don't know what I will do next."

I understand  and  could have written that very phrase about  my life as a cross dresser. As I went to this mall, or store or restaurant with success of sorts- I would literally drive around looking for new places to try out as a girl. I had my goals.

The difference was for me, slowly but surely it dawned on me what I would do next. I wanted to live a feminine existence.  It all felt so totally right. It was so clear even I could figure it out. Looks though had very little to do with my decision. A feminine appearance just was one tool of getting to where I wanted to be.

The central point many miss in our culture is giving too much credence to looks. Let's assume the person who asked the question looked wonderful in drag and decided to do it day after day. Rest assured the "novelty" of appearing as an attractive woman would wear off quickly. Any sort of looks (one way or another) fade quickly when you attempt to truly jump the gender fence. Yet another of my Socialization over Visualization lectures.


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