Sunday, June 2, 2013

Coming Soon to a Cyrst's Condo near You!

It seems my transgender journey these days is similar to some sort of an off the wall reality show called Planning the NEVER Dull Moment.

On the next episode this week we will watch Cyrsti as she takes another huge step out of her closet in her home town by going to an Equality meeting.  This is significant how?  My old self used to be a very active person in certain social groups who gave back plenty to the 70,000 peep old rust belt town in Ohio. If it helps you, I live in Springfield. One of a zillions Springfield's the country and not the home of Homer Simpson.

Several famous people though are from here such as the late Jonathan Winters and Lillian Gish who never claimed the place.  I was determined my female self was never going to claim it either but I have mellowed. First of all, I'm working on moving which really has nothing to do about this place as much as it does being with a person I love in a city I've always loved- Cincinnati.  Before I go though, I feel I owe my home one final shot at giving back to it.

In many ways, Springfield is no more than a snapshot of similar towns it's size in the Midwest.  We took the recent depression as hard as anyone in the country and have retained that good old "it's a great place to raise a family mentality".  Well, we are finding again maybe that's not so true for the LGBT community.  Especially for the silent transgender segment of the "T" which is bigger than Dick Nixon's maligned Silent Majority.

I've had enough and I wrote here how I was astounded at how invisible my transgender woman friend and I were at a public Equality Springfield meeting a couple months ago. So I joined. Put my money down and I am headed to one of their monthly meetings this Thursday. Regular membership meetings for those of you who don't know are a quality way to make yourself known to a group.  If you sacrifice your time to show up at a boring damn meeting to bitch about no recognition of the transgender community around here- you must mean it.

Plus, in an astounding move for a short term thinker like me, I plan on seeking out a representative from the church I was supposed to have grown up in. I mean, we went as a family but Dad's snoring took away a bit of the spirituality! Ironically, the church now (Methodist) is one of very few with courage enough to come out in support of the LGBT community here in town. I'm actually thinking of going there for a service in the future.

So boys and girls, that's our look at the Cyrsti's Condo programming guide.  Who would ever thought I would write a post referencing both Richard Nixon and Homer Simpson? No comment!

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