Sunday, May 5, 2013

Transgender Diversity

Wrapping up my "coverage" of the Trans Ohio Symposium was the final workshop of the weekend we attended. It was called the "Trans Feminine Caucus".

I felt the title was a bit vague and I didn't really know what to expect.  From experience I knew the "caucuses" I have attended were heavily influenced by the skill of the moderator. A skilled moderator can keep a caucus moving.

Fortunately, we had a skilled moderator and a very diverse group. Several in attendance were "older" professional types such as a doctor of some sort and an attorney. I would place about three or four others in a group defined as middle aged trans women such as me and then there were a couple young transsexual women. One of the TS women was essentially an ex "street kid" who had lived an incredible tough existence on the streets.  The other was a very vocal and outspoken young trans woman.

What was solved? Nothing. The only positives you can take from these workshops is knowledge from others.  Personally I love to hear from others.  Topics such as the meaning of trans lesbianism, male privilege, transgender culture in fighting, stealth and therapy all were discussed.

The caucus was a fitting end to an informative and fun weekend. I had very little idea of what to expect from this symposium. I came away with a new respect of the diversity within our transgender ranks - female and male.

Most importantly to me though were the transgender youth I observed. I was impressed and feel the future of our culture is in the best hands ever!

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