Saturday, May 25, 2013

I Know You Are Out There

To all transgender veterans active or retired - alive or fallen - let me share my bit of thanks to all of you.

I know most all of you are (or were) stuck in the military closet with only two ways out...discharge or death.

The Memorial Day weekend for you international Cyrsti's Condo readers is to honor our veterans as well as police and firemen who died for our freedom to challenge what is wrong here and abroad.

Ironically though, facts and figures routinely come to light which estimate a very high percentage of transgender military troops to have served. Sadly,we will never know how many of the fallen were trans. In addition, I personally have known at least three trans firefighters and or policemen.  The very first responders to senseless violence in our country.

Regardless of all the insane discrimination against us:
ALL I want to say is:  to all of you who fought and passed for my right to write this blog and to all of you who are still serving in a camouflage closet...

Thanks to all you! I know you are out there!

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