Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Just because it's a cloudy rainy morning here in Cyrsti's Condo land. That does not mean the good old "star gazing" isn't still happening!
Here the latest "HorrorScope" for all of us Libran's:

(September 23-October 22): Playing the victim isn’t cute. Too bad, the only one that sees it as an act is the one that you want to be the most honest with. So, make this week the one in which to reveal your vices and your vulnerabilities. You’ll find that once you let go, the heaviness of it all will fade fast and courage will come on strong. Of course, how your audience will react remains to be seen.

Well, even though the "victim" card is one I have played over the years-I totally don't want to relate to the term now! I believe the one I want to be the most honest with knows that also. As far as the vices and vulnerabilities goes, I'm working on peeling back the layers and showing her glimpses of the real me. So all in all I'm giving this scope a positive grade.

AND for the rest of you non-Librites, go here to theFrisky for your scope! It's a neat girly site so go for the scope and stay for the fun!

**HorrorScope is my own term!

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