Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fun and Games at the Docs!

If you have been following along with my HRT saga, I'm going to sneak one in here.

I still weave a path between the Veterans Administration and the private medical world to obtain quality hormonal care. My endo doc's bill is paid by the VA and he prescribes my meds and the VA fills them with my co-pay.

I didn't really expect to go to see him today and was making an appointment for later this month when the receptionist said they had an opening for today. I took it.

After the usual questions concerning my thoughts, the Doc surprised me by saying we need to double the dose of the "Spiro" I'm taking.  Spiro is used to decrease testosterone levels in men and a couple of my transgender friends "in the know" said my dosage seemed to be low. I was elated and said sure! Then he asked how I felt about my breast development. I probably screwed up and told the truth. I am sort of satisfied with my progress so far and we agreed to keep the estrogen dosage I'm taking the same.

So, the good news was he wrote me prescriptions for another six months worth of HRT meds. The not so good news is now I have to get the meds and process re approved with my recently named new VA primary physician. Yes, nothing is easy with this process-I know this.

Best case scenario will be if new VA Doc just signs off on the scripts like my old one did. Worst case is of course he wants to see me and decides to pass me off to someone else. My guess is I will end up somewhere in between the two.

At this point I really want to find the person who thinks this transgender process is a choice and all I'm trying to do is play dress up. Then I could use what is left of my declining "T" and go verbally postal on them!

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