Friday, May 10, 2013

Drive Safely While Passing

You all probably know I am one of a huge base of fans of the Femulate web site which has totaled some seven million hits to date.

This coming Thursday, I'm am thrilled I am going to meet Stana who founded and runs Femulate.  She is coming to my part of the world. Yes, I am a groupie!!!!

Recently she commented on a senseless cruel comment she received with as much sarcasm I have seen and I loved it. Here is the reply. To set it up "Hamvention" is held around here and that is why she is coming to the Dayton, Ohio area:

"Comments to Wednesday's post included one that suggested that I not go to Hamvention because "you really don't pass as well as you think you do." My retort is, "How do you know? Have you seen me drive?" To tell the truth, I seldom pass and prefer to stay in the right lane on the highway. I only pass when I absolutely have to. So even if the commenter did see me driving, chances are that he did not see me pass because I seldom do."

In addition to my obvious respect for this reply, it's extra sweet for those of us who deal with haters on the internet who slash others behind the safety of their computers. I wish I had this much reserve and creativity to respond as Stana did.

As far as Cyrsti's Condo goes, all comments pro or con are appreciated. Personal attacks aren't.

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