Sunday, February 13, 2022

Another First

Not that I really do much of it, this won't be a post revolving around frilly heels and hose, Today kids we will be writing a short post about sports and this transgender woman.  Probably many of you know I used to play football instead of being a cheerleader like I always envied. However, I was never very good and took solace in the fact I really wanted to be a girl anyhow. But, to the topic at hand...

 Today is Super Bowl Sunday, the pinnacle of American football. 

Being a long suffering Cincinnati, Ohio sports fan, I have been through more years than not following teams that do nothing but lose. The only exception was The Ohio State Buckeyes. For years the standing joke was, the Buckeyes were the best professional team in Ohio. Better than the Bengals or the Cleveland Browns. 

This year times have changed and Bengal fans everywhere are super excited to be playing in only the third Super Bowl in the team's history.  

By now you are probably thinking so what? 

The biggest difference is I am now a fully out transgender woman.  So, I count this as my first Super Bowl. Even though the power of estrogen has leveled out my competitive edge, I am sure I still have enough edge to me to more than interested in the game.

However my authentic self still wants a Super Bowl trophy in Cincinnati! 

Who Dey think gonna beat dem Bengals!!!!


  1. So, do you have your victory cigar all ready, so you can light up, along with Joe Burrow, after the game? (I still can't get the picture out of my mind of you in the men's room with your cigar and beer - YUK!) :-)

    Although I'm a Cooper Kupp fan, because he's the best player to ever come from my li'l ole Alma Mater of Eastern Washington State, I'm still rooting for the Bengals today. Have a "Super" day, and don't break anything leading cheers! ;-)

    1. Kupp is certainly the real deal! Just like a cigar and beer in the men's room :)

  2. Although in many ways I do envy the American Music Education system, I'm glad I didn't go to High School there, I would have wanted to be on the Football Team, in the band and a cheerleader!

    1. I think my three grandkids all benefitted from their time in school music classes!
      It's nice to know the American Education system is envied for something :)

  3. What was with the flurry of yellow flags all of a sudden, at the end? :-(