Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Learn the Hard Way

This is probably the strangest blog post I have written here in Cyrsti's Condo concerning what I feel is primarily a feminine experience. 

 There is probably no delicately way to put this  but this morning as I was sitting down on the toilet for my morning "constitutional" my phone slipped out of my back leggings pocket and into the toilet.  Fortunately it was a clean bowl. 

Over the years, I have felt sending a phone for a dip was distinctly a feminine thing to do. Plus I have tried to be extra careful with my phone. Always trying to take it out of my pocket all together before even going into the bathroom. When I am out in public, I always carry my phone in my purse anyhow. 

Lesson learned. 

I can just imagine how much fun Connie will have with this post. 


  1. Too easy. I don't do toilet humor. Besides, that's happened to me before, as well. I hope you put the phone into a baggie of rice to try and dry it out.

    Now that you're a little curvier, things are more apt to be squeezed out of back pockets as you pull your pants down, I would imagine. Maybe that's the real feminine experience you had. Watch out for butt dialing, too! ;-)

    1. Fortunately my slightly curvier butt hasn't called anyone yet :)

    2. Yeah, I've received not even a butt dial from you lately. ;-)

    3. I'm sorry. Been socially withdrawn during this damn pandemic.

    4. Well, we've maintained a 2000+ mile social distancing, anyway. BTW, I'm NOT wearing a mask at this moment (as if you really care what I'm wearing - or not wearing). :)

    5. What a long strange trip it has been since the old "Pink" days!