Monday, September 7, 2020

I "Doesn't" Know It Part Two

 Michelle sent a comment in checking up on Liz and I, making sure everything was okay. She hadn't seen a post for two weeks. Thanks for asking, but we are fine and now I am wondering what happened since it has been so long since she has seen a post. I am fairly sure I only missed a day or two posting over that period.

The only real change on my end was a big one. Google, the giant who runs the platform Cyrsti's Condo runs on has decided to change the whole system.  The same Google whose "Adsense" format controls running ads on blogs. You may, or may not have noticed the pesky ads disappeared from the blog too...with no warning.  

Google also makes it nearly impossible to interact with anyone with concerns you may have. 

The problems must be more than just minor since Connie has had problems too and visits to the blog have dropped drastically. 

Hopefully, all of this will be settled soon.


  1. You might want to contact Calie at T-Central. Your last post listed is from two weeks ago. Maybe you just need her to re-list your blog? It appears that you are not the only one who has had this kind of problem lately. But, what do I know? I always though IT stood for "Intrinsically Transgender" :-)

  2. It has been VERY slow to load until just recently.