Friday, August 14, 2020

Nailed It?

 For some reason during quarantine my finger nails have decided to grow at a record pace. So, I have decided to let all of them grow, except the one next to the thumbs on both hands I use for any serious jobs I may encounter. 

Before any of you try to cheap shot me about attempting any "serious" jobs, I am the first to point out I am retired and outside of my morning walks, writing a blog and doing the dishes are the only strenuous jobs I do. No more restoring of old houses like I did in my past as a hobby. 

The end goal is to have Liz shape and color/polish my nails and go from there. With my luck though, at that point the nails will decide enough is enough and start to break. Also, the effect of hormone replacement therapy comes into play. For years under a certain dosage of HRT my nails were very fragile. Maybe the higher dosage I am on now has changed all of that. We will see.

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