Tuesday, August 21, 2018

I Passed!

At least, I got off to a good start with my voice instructor and passed my first homework assignment.

Some days I work harder on it than others naturally, so I had my doubts how it would go. So now I have progressed up from just words and sounds to full blown phrases already. I can only say it is one of the toughest things I have ever done and I suppose if you have any vocal (musical) training at all, you know what I am talking about...no pun intended.

Next I have to add a recommended voice pitch app on my phone to solidify my gains.

Not to pat myself on my back but the other transgender women before me must have been unable or unwilling to follow instructions to improve. I think that because of all the feedback I received.

As far as the other "passing" goes, I wore one of my loose sleeveless tops with a pair of "Jeggings" and tennis shoes for my long walk back and forth to the car. I received no feedback except for a "Hello Honey" from a stray guy.

So all went well.

Today I go back for my "pill pusher" appointment and my LGBTQ  veterans support group which is normally always interesting.

More to come tomorrow.


  1. I'm a singer, but I've only had one formal training session. I was willing to learn opera chops, but it was going to cost me a fortune just to learn Italian before I could sing an aria. Initially, when I auditioned for the vocal coach, she told me that I was a "promising" operatic tenor, but I really just wanted to learn how to control my voice for power, range, and pitch to help my R&B voice. The rest, I picked up from other singers, and being in a choir with a good director helped, as well. Developing a voice does require much practice, so yes, I do know what you're talking about. But what about singing praises on your phrases? (All puns are intentional after you've written and then recognized them, even if they weren't intentional when first written. Otherwise, you know where the delete key is, do you not? :-) My puns are always intentional!

  2. I wish I could say all my puns were intentional! :)

    1. Even if it's just a happy accident, there is no reason to apologize for a pun. Shakespeare wrote so many of them, and look how celebrated he has been for centuries!

      BTW, if I private message my phone number to you, would you be willing to test out your newly trained voice on my voicemail? I say voicemail because I never answer my phone if I don't recognize the caller's number. I have heard your voice before when, a few years ago, you were a guest on a radio show. I don't remember it being so feminine-sounding, but I don't believe you were even trying to make it sound that way. You were more interested in getting your message across.

  3. I would be willing! After a few more lessons :)

  4. What? You're willing to stop apologizing for puns or to leave me a voicemail message? I can give you some pun lessons, but y'all better stick with your voice coach for the other. :-)

    If you call, you will hear my "feminine" greeting that I recorded at least three years ago. I've never been totally happy with it, but I'm afraid to erase it in order to record a new one now. How many years have we known each other, now? I can't believe we've never talked on the phone yet. Actually, I think I know the reason, and it's because neither of us wants to risk blowing the "illusions" we've created over the internet. We've both changed quite a bit since those first interactions on the (unnamed) trans site, though. Now we're just a couple of old ladies, and chatting on the phone from time to time is what old ladies do! If you leave a message, I will call you back (if you want). Oh, and please, no text message. That would definitely be cheating. :-)

  5. You are right, plus I labor under the opinion I am boring to talk to in person!
    But we can make it happen :)