Friday, October 7, 2016

Office Wench

I know many of you work in an office environment and if you follow Stana at Femulate, this post may make a great deal of sense-depending how far out of the closet you may be.

If you are venturing out and "kind of, sort of" don't mind if everyone knows, dress in your best office wardrobe for the annual Halloween party.

From what I can gather, Stana has done it for years and it has opened the door even wider to step out as the transgender woman she is. Of course very few of us are as accomplished fashion wise as Stana, but if you want to get the point across there is more behind good old "Joe" in the office down the hall than meets the eye.

Common sense though is going to dictate how much "push back" if any you get from fellow workers. I have never worked in an office, so I don't have any personal experience except from what I hear from friends. A couple of them had began to MtF transition before joining their current job so much depends too on the age bracket of fellow workers and what kind of job you do of course.

One of the best examples I do have comes from many years ago. I became friends with another transgender woman from a very rural area of Ohio who was struggling with any acceptance and ended up living in her sister's garage. This was after she gave up a very promising career as a scuba diver, went back to school and graduated with a nursing degree and still couldn't find a job. She finally found employment at one of the frozen food packaging plants in the area and finally into their office.

She was very presentable and natural as a woman and did attract the attention of at least one man in the plant as I remember. Unfortunately we lost touch.

The moral to the story, is beware of the "costume" you wear to work!

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