Monday, January 5, 2015

Cyrsti's Condo Fashion "Stuff"

Just passing along a couple budget "beauty lessons" I have learned recently.
Image for Mer-Maid for Each Other1.- Use a more expensive finger nail polish.  Liz came up with a "Nicole by O.P.I. " Mer-Made For You" polish for my New Years Eve for lack of a better term is sort of a metallic green.  I learned the hard way number one, how hard it was for me to learn how to take care of my nails-then apply the polish-and how much.  After coats one, two and three then I applied a clear top coat.  Amazingly to me, my nails were almost good as new five days later. Liz found the nail polish at a neighborhood WalGreens for about 70% off it's regular $8.00 price.
2.- Staying at Walgreens, they are also running a sale on their fleece lined leggings. Two for the price of one (about $6.00) Since we are ready to again enter a period of Artic cold, these are very warm and comfortable to wear. Especially with a big oversized sweater and warm boots.  I was overjoyed to find a selection of shades in my size (plus)
3.- Cold heavy rain is good for your hair and reactivates your mousse. For New Years Eve I just shampooed my hair, conditioned, picked and went to party.  Great fun!  Then, yesterday Liz and I went to pick up a bookshelf we wanted and ended spending way too much time out in a sporadic daily rainstorm.  After my hair dried back out, I picked it again and here came the curls and waves again.  Probably the process is not recommended for not getting a cold!

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