Thursday, November 20, 2014

Left Over Coffee

Yesterday here in Cyrsti's Condo I re posted a comment Stana received on her Femulate site.  I can only speculate from afar on what motivated what turned out of be a very pessimistic one sided look at a cross dresser's life. 
One sided from the aspect (among other things) that pure appearance is the primary and only end goal to dressing like generics.

Paula Goodwin commented on Femulate and here with one of the most classic comments I have ever read about a trans girl's relationship with her mirror:
"There are now quite a few very good comments (including mine) on Stana's original post, so I will limit myself here. I generally now use my mirror to check that I have put things on in the right place, I then ask myself two questions, "Could I go to Tescos like this?" and my golden rule "Will I frighten the horses?"  (Every time I read this golden rule Paula, I normally almost pee myself laughing!)

There have been occasions in the past where my mirror has lied to me, the photos have told me that I got it wrong. As for the hair thing, oh if only I could."

And Mandy:  "Amen on the long locks, sister! The only real grief I've gotten about them (mostly when I was working, not much since I retired) was from "follicly-challenged" males - translation: bald or balding!"

True Mandy, a touch of jealousy may just be creeping in!  It's important to note though, form my angle, I never have taken my ability to grow all this hair lightly-until I have to go through the contortions to care for it!

I have an idea (of course) from where this person was coming from in my next post.

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