RockaBilly Fashions

I admit I am not the most fashion savvy girl in the world but every once in a while a certain style makes sense to me as something I would wear and all of a sudden I have a place to wear it to.

I had sort of heard of or seen a touch of the "Rockabilly" fashion style and it did/does appeal to me in many ways.  More importantly, I think I can wear various designs and will need an upgrade to my wardrobe beginning a week from Friday when Liz and I go to the huge "Rainbow" Dance near Cincinnati and into the Holiday season.
What really sparked my attention this morning was a request for a Twitter follow from "Blueberry Hill Fashions."  With this bio:
BlueBerry Hill Fashions is a Modern Rockabilly Boutique. I started doodling a few dresses here and there and one day, poof..I decided to have them made :)

Rockabilly clothing, rockabilly dressSo, I followed the link and found several designs I felt would flatter me and I could afford.

Then of course I had to look for anything in my size and did find a few options too! (I know too that all of you girls aren't plus size!)

The link above provides quite the selection of styles and ideas!