Thursday, October 2, 2014

Halloween Comes in Many Flavors!

Over the years, I have approached Halloween from many different angles, many depended on my goals for the evening, where I was in my transition and who I was with.

The very first Halloween I went all out cross dressed was the one I have written about extensively here in Cyrsti's Condo.  It was 1974 in Germany, I was in the Army (of all places) and ended up with me coming up to several people as a transvestite not long after that.

Of course, wearing a short skirt in everyday Army life was not beneficial to earning a honorable discharge-so back I went into the closet.

During the next several years, I shied away from going to parties where I knew several people-opting for bigger venues.  I agonized for literally months on a costume that in my mind was sexy, somewhat passable and creative.  I was never as creative as Pat and  her "Monica Lewinski" costume.

Looking back at the "impossible dream", I think I made it a couple of times-that's it.  I'm not saying though I didn't have fun.

As I see it, here are a few of the Halloween party dividing points.
Will the cross dressed Sarah Palin please reveal himself?

  1. Are you going to a party at a friends or with friends?
  2. Do you want to be passable, comical, trashy or creative?
  3. Is your costume based on a current well known woman? Example, Lewinski, Sarah Palin, Elvira in her prime, etc.
  4. How "detailed" do you plan to be?  Shaved legs, nice wig, etc?
  5. Depending upon how "accomplished" you are-how will you handle comments? (Which will come.)
In later posts we will take a closer look at all of these!

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