Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

"Ker Plunk!" welcome back to another Sunday Edition! It's quite and even a bit coolish for a mid-July morning here in southern Ohio/ USA, so a hot "Cup of Joe" (coffee) un iced  tastes pretty good!!!

Page 1.-  The Week in Review:  Last week, we weren't shy (per norm) around here in the "Condo" addressing topics like transgender sexuality and overall life in the "girl's sandbox."  To be sure, tough topics. The reason the subject came up at all was when I recently came out to my family member who really didn't have a problem with understanding the transgender aspect of me. She did however have a difficult time wrapping her noggin around the fact I was not gay in the sense my sexual nature was not attracted to men. She said "So you are gay." I really confused her when I said, yes and no.  Mentally, I have always felt sexually I always wanted to be with a woman but as a woman.  So mentally, I was always gay but physically functioned as a straight guy for the same reason.  I don't blame her for being confused, so we moved on to more important day to day life problems...Like cremating her Mom.

Page 2.- Life in the "Sandbox":  For years, I have called my socialization into the feminine world as "playing in the girl's sandbox."  The reasons were, I found out quickly, if I was to ease my transgender transition the most, interacting and being accepted by other women was the best way.  Of course, stopping my life at the age of 60 and redirecting my gender path was intensely difficult because of ignorance and misconceptions. I don't use the "ignorance" word lightly-only as a reference to not knowing what I was doing.  Genetic females face the same process as little girls.  Misconception is a "mellower" term.  From the outside looking in, almost any situation looks different.  From my years of working with women, I knew completely they weren't the "sugar and spice and everything nice" stereotyped gender.  what I didn't know was how the checks and balances worked in their world.

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