Cyrsti's Condo Christmas "Horrorscope"

What a way to wrap up a busy Christmas Eve and get ready to head to my families house than to pass along yet another "scope" from theFrisky!

Libra : (September 23-October 22): Now is the time to make bigger changes as you declare 2014 to be your breakout year. Not that you need to see your name in lights, but shifting where you lay down roots will be on your mind, as will making things work on your terms. Stop thinking and get to doing, because hesitating is so 2013.

How dynamic is that? Wow! and all this time I thought I continued to make quite a few big changes in 2013. Just between you and me though, I know what this script is saying and I will mention some of them as we actually approach the New Year.

Go here for your scope!


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