A VERY Scary Costume

You will need to be a sports fan to appreciate most of the irony in this Cyrsti's Condo post.

Over the years, I have felt the extreme pain, suffering and cruelty which goes along with being a Cincinnati Bengals NFL football fan.

The past couple of seasons they have improved though and along the way I have pulled out a couple of very expensive old jersey's from players who grew to be roundly disliked in Cincinnati.

The Black and Orange colors represent Halloween well of course and indeed over the years we Bengal fans have been tricked more than we have been treated.

Actually they don't look bad with a black long sleeved top, leggings and boots except for the players names on the jerseys...Carson Palmer and Chad 'Ocho Cinco' Johnson.  At least now if someone questions me about wearing them, I can act like I don't know who Palmer and Johnson were or I can say they were my Halloween costumes because the two caused me such scary pain and suffering over the years.  Especially from you Pittsburgh "Squeeler" fans.


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