Kickin' It This Fall

I do have a fondness for fall.  The weather, the football and the fashion! Another fashion site I subscribe to (free) is The Budget Babe.  "The Babe" recently passed along a selection of "tough girl" boot picks for fall. If you are thinking sizes like I am and can't find your size one place,  many times you can discover a good selection in your size in other stores such as Payless Shoes.

In my case, I have a very difficult time with sizes on line and almost always need to purchase footwear in person. Boot's in particular are difficult. An example is when I'm looking for say a pair of slouch boots, I just can't assume my regular 11W size will work. Most styles won't slide over the top of my foot and up my calves.  If I move up into a 12, then the boot is too big on my foot and my calves. Finally I also have to factor in comfort and safety in a boot. Too much heel on a snowy or even icy sidewalk can mean an embarrassing look up at a cloudy sky from the ground for me.

Over the years I have also been successful in finding a quality, good fitting pair of boots on sale at Lane Bryant's or The Avenue. Quality is important in a boot which can last you several seasons if you add a timeless classic to your wardrobe. (Always a great idea!)

Many of you have your own shoe shopping solutions to one of the best, fun parts of being a girl but if you don't, maybe these ideas may help! The stereotype of a woman and her shoes definitely carries over to us!

***For those of you Cyrsti's Condo readers like me and are rather forgetful - I have added "Cyrsti's Beauty Nook" here in the Condo. In the nook I have added most of the fashion/beauty sites I mention and their links. If you have other faves I would love to see them and add them to "the Nook"!