Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bond...Justin Vivian

I love!!! this site title:  Paper  "On the front lines of cultural chaos since 1984" Wow! That says it all!

Just as fun was Paper's recent interview with Justin Vivian Bond (left)on being an arrogant feminist and the problem with NYC Pride here are a couple of my favorites and of course you can read the entire interview here.

Night of a Thousand Judys (of course they are)-- the charity variety show which celebrates all things Judy Garland -- is happening tonight (with tickets still available here) and they've got quite the line-up. Of the many performers who will grace the stage and give their best Judy, Mx. Justin Vivian Bond may just be having the biggest moment. And:

"Mx America is my show that came about from this quote, which is by my friend's father: "You can tell the depth of a person's tragedy by the amount of space between how they see themselves and how they're seen by others." I thought that as a trans person and as an American, that was an interesting notion. So I decided to address that in a cabaret form. It's just me. And the good thing about this Mx America is that there's no competition -- I'm already the winner! You
can enter with real confidence knowing you're going to win."


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