Potty Principles Revisited

Every once in a while here in Cyrsti's Condo I try to back track a bit and bring up items which you newer visitors may have never seen.

One of the most important subjects which continues to cause major problems with many folks is the simple task of using the bathroom.

First of all, I am not going to get into any kind of discussion of being allowed to use the rest room at all. Also these are only my experiences. Yours could be quite different.

For the rest of you, especially those of you who are new to going public as a woman: there are going to be times when you need a rest room. Of course some are more trans user friendly than others. Here are examples:
Certain big box stores in my part of the world have their restrooms up by the front doors. You can slip in and out without going in the store at all. On the other end of the spectrum are the mall bathrooms with all the security cameras and guards in the mall. Other possibilities are restrooms in stores such as bookstores which again are usually under populated.

My other restroom stories are endless. From professional sports games to road side rest stops to bars to gay venues I have had to use the facilities. Now, here are my own personal rules:
1.- Get in and get out! A cursory glance in the mirror to check my hair and makeup is all I allow myself. If I'm alone I will do a little repair.
2.- Women pee in a hurry. Most are in and out quickly. I always head to a stall quickly and wait to see if someone comes in behind me. It's possible they are following me. If they pee, I'm normally safe to assume they weren't.
3.- Timing is everything. Sometimes I can take a bit more time in the stall while the woman ahead of me washes and leaves. On the other hand you can't hide in stall in a busy women's restroom. There could be a line. Let's reverse it. If you end up in a line...pulling your cell phone out of your purse is a good way to pass the time. Once you get into a stall...don't forget to lock it!
4.- Wash your hands!!!! Very few women don't. Also, look down before you sit down. Don't fall for these so called experts who proclaim the "pristine" conditions of women's rooms. They obviously haven't been to many.
5.- Carry a prop. A pad or tampon in your purse can really take you a long way. If a woman truly needs one  you will be a friend and if she is testing you...you won. The best prop you can have is another woman you know!
6.- Act like you have been there. If you are hitching up your big girl panties to be in the restroom...own it and faint later.
7.- NEVER take it for granted.  No matter how many times you have used the woman's room before and how well you present as a woman- all it takes is one person's complaint to cause you an embarrassing situation.

There you go. I'm sure many of you experienced readers can add your own "do's and don'ts" to this list. These are a few "basics" or "potty principles" of mine to pass along. Hope they help!


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