Countdown to Fat Tuesday!

As always, time is flying by and my trip to Mardi Gras is coming up in less than two weeks.
The trip to "Naw Awlins" will provide a number of firsts.

It's my first trip to Mardi Gras although I have been to the city a couple of times. It's my first trip to the city as a woman and the first time I have had to pack for such an adventure. Since I have never been one to shy away from a party, this is a big one!

Of course the packing part is providing the biggest challenge. I will be leaning heavily on my girlfriend for guidance!!!!
So far, I have made my hair appointment for a couple days before we leave and still have to schedule a time to get my nails done. Then I have to find a dog sitter for my constant furry companion and I'm off!!!
Of course I will keep you up to date.


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