Scared to Death!

What the heck did I do?
NFL Monday Night Football??? Really?
Well girl, it's almost time to put your game face on. Game time is this Monday.
What was I thinking? I was euphoric about this event until last night when I really started to think about it.
I don't have much problem presenting as a woman so what would be the problems? Plenty!
 Let's start with Footwear. 
Monday will not be the time or place for heels! Both set of boots I own have about a 2" heel.  The good thing is I still have plenty of time to pick up some low heel options. I know what I want but finding my size is always a challenge. I am fortunate to be just on the high end of women's sizes (10 1/2-11) so anything is possible.  I would love a suede pair with fur lined tops! '
Weather. Perfect! 5 day forecast calling for clear and a low of 36 Monday night. I have a couple different options for coats.  A sleeveless shell worn over a sweater or a sweater coat I have.  Sleeveless shell probably best choice.  The shell also has a couple of pockets which I will need.
No purse for this outing..Security outside of stadium really only checks bags and purses so I should be OK. Will have to utilize pockets! I can store cash and ID in my jeans pockets and stash some light makeup in my shell pockets. I would imagine the make up I start with will have to last. Probably won't be much chance for touch ups. Long lasting lipstick should work.
Once we are in the stadium, I'm with a group of four, so blending with them should get me to our seats.
Now the problems? Number one is the bathroom. My host wants the group to stop and eat and drink a couple cold ones on the way down. Plus we will probably consume at least one of the ultra expensive beers in the stadium. Somewhere along the way I will have to go.
I have had almost no problem with rest rooms for years but Monday would not be the time to start! Best case scenario would be to go with two of the other women in the group. One guy makes up the foursome.
Number two is probably pure paranoia but what if one person where I'm sitting picks me out of the crowd and wants to make a scene? More likely, all should be intent on the game. I hope it stays close so everyone stays with the game.
There you have it girlfriends. My hopes and fears for a once in a lifetime trip to an NFL Monday Night Game as a girl.
I'll keep you posted!


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