Am I Going To Hell For Being Transgendered????

Why Me?

Does God really hate me? Am I really an abomination? Will I join my other transgendered friends in hell?
NO! The California "DMV" person who took it upon himself to create a major upheaval will probably make it to the hot part of eternity before I will.
If you haven't heard the story, he sent a letter to a transgendered woman seeking to change her sex on her driver's license. He took it upon himself to condemn her to hell along with some other choice statements.
I really don't like to discuss religion here or in social settings but the fact remains mankind has always twisted religions for many different self serving reasons-including wars. I will not even attempt to make any in depth complex argument. This is a very simple view of the way I feel.
Does the fact I choose to live as my non birth gender take away from my belief in basic Christian principals? Is there some giant scoreboard somewhere?
My belief is that ideas such as the "DMV" guy come from single minded non thinking humans. Obviously your life is less complex if every Sunday someone gives you their opinion on how to run your life. Life is easier If every election day you automatically vote for one parties candidate or if your boss is always right. (He is the boss!) You don't have to think and that is a good thing for you!
I know for a fact the bible has many contradictory writings and it is man's oldest history book. I'm not educated enough to know that for sure about the "Koran", but it is probably true too.
I also know for a fact I follow many of Jesus principals. I strongly believe in treating others as I want to be treated. I don't cheat or steal. A simplistic attitude to be sure will that get me to hell?
I try to be sympathetic. When I hear stories such as the DMV, I don't want to hate. Maybe someday he and the guy who attacked me with religion one night will find a kinder gentler Christianity...the real one. Then non of us will meet in Hades!
A side note. I ran across a blog which presents A Jewish slant on transgenderism which I had never seen. I will include a link.
May the "force" be with you. What ever one you choose!


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