Mirror, Mirror on the wall...

Please tell me I'm the fairest of them all!
On occasion, the mirror does tell me that. Then again, the mirror has been known to fib!
I have always had a struggle with that mean old mirror.
It told more than a thousand times I was beautiful only to be stared and laughed at in the first public venue I visited.
More than once the mirror said "you are plain and unattractive" and I never had a problem.
Before you want to jump to conclusions concerning the mirror's judgment, let me reassure you I passed through "transgendered puberty" years ago. I don't frequent malls and such in a micro mini and 5" heels.
Luckily, before I tossed the mirror into the trash heap , we called a compromise.
I told the mirror what I wanted to achieve and we have been working together to be successful.
My ideal was to be a 40ish, big and curvy girl. (My age and size made that a reality! lol) 45 and 5'10".
I wanted to be the woman who was upscale casual.  My love affair with skirts and dresses went away years ago. My image was to be shapely jeans and boots in the winter and flats or flip flops in the summer. (although I do have some "peek a boo" pumps and 3" wedgies that make occasional appearances).
Makeup was allowed to be heavier but always done well and not trashy.
Finally, my long wavy hair  worked well with my size.
Now, when the mirror approves and says GO , I  flip the switch to maximize my walk and movements. I don't hurry to a seat. I take my time and I'm in heaven!
Yes, the mistrusted mirror did aid my current female incarnation.  It helped me to be the friendly, attractive and slightly exotic woman at the pub. (Most of the time)
When the image just doesn't work, then it's time to consult the mirror and go back to the drawing board.
But,as fewer changes are needed, that mean old mirror becomes just a tool again.Not a critic.
Just in time! Don't need another 7 years of bad luck!