The mirror, The camera, The public.

Last night I changed my look for the first time in a while. (girl's prerogative, right?)
I choose a shoulder length straight black hair style.  I used to wear it quite a bit until I became enamored with my red curly fun hair.
The public has told me the "Red" does wonders for me and I LOVE the curls and length.  I never have had a problem presenting in it. The compliment invariably come from women.
The camera seems to like it also. The pictures are normally my highest rated. The mirror (which sometimes fibs!)
likes it too!
My problem.  Guys in my age bracket (more mature ha!) approach me in the dark hair. No compliments...approaches.
I normally never fail to attract a conversation all the way up to the "motel room key" switch!( Another story.)
The camera is not cooperative. I have had a heck of a time taking a quality picture. 
The mirror on the other hand, flat out loves the look!
I can only speculate that women like the volume, curls and color of the red hair. If done correctly, it's a sexy look. If wrong, drag queen come to mind.
I don't get hassled, but not approached.
The dark presents it's own set of makeup problems.  The eyes have to be overdone, along with the cheekbones with less emphasis on the lips to really make the look work.
Just right and my green eyes really stand out. Too much and "goth" comes to mind.
Reality tells me that I must be attractive and approachable to older guys and that is very flattering!
I guess the final impression comes from inside anyhow. But the showcase sets it up for success...or failure.