Back in the Saddle

I'm back and settled in here in Cyrsti's Condo!  A pleasant surprise was this comment to one of the archive posts Making a Woman  from Alexis Michelle:

This post does deliver the message that when you do transition there has to be a significant adjustment in so many varied and different areas. Presenting yourself as a woman is a challenge that requires a persona fitting the role. You simply have to 'grasp the woman part.' to succeed.

This makeover takes time and practice to achieve and one must expect to stumble occasionally. I know that I did just that, many times. In fact, I am still adapting to the female role. Looking back, I can remember my early ventures out into the big world. I was terrified. I felt that everyone was looking at me. And many may have been.

Confidence in yourself as befitting the gender you present as is critical. I was already aware that feminine deportment was quite different than the male I had been. It took me time to become comfortable with that aspect of my new female life. In my experiences, I also found many instances where a comment or situation caught me by surprise, and luckily I was able to 'think on my feet' and give a hopefully feminine response.

And as one of those men who 'make a good looking woman' I've had to adjust to that also. But perhaps the most fascinating aspect of my total transition has been to watch (as you refer to above) how my thought processes have changed over time. My attitudes, philosophies and beliefs have modified themselves into more feminine perspectives. My journey has been fascinating, rewarding and enriching. And being accepted as a woman, by other women, is the best reward for all of my efforts.

Alexis, a wonderful look at the MtF transition process!  Indeed, I think your comments should fit into another whole new post because I think the "grasping the woman part" is the most difficult part of the process and deserves a closer look.


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